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    Human heart is a delicate organ and needs proper care for smooth functioning. Anything that goes wrong with the heart needs immediate medical attention. Read More

  • Vascular Interventions

    With the advancements in healthcare technology, the use of catheter-based interventions for treating heart and vascular diseases has gained significant recognition. Read More

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    Cardiac abnormality or defect that is existent since birth as a congenital heart defect or develops later with age, due to wear and tear of heart or as a result of other diseases. Read More

  • Welcome To The Best Cardiology Centre in Delhi

    Top quality Cardiac care involves wholistic approach towards the treatment of cardiac ailments. It includes thorough diagnosis followed by most suitable management, be it invasive or non-invasive cardiac treatment or even therapeutic approach for managing heart related problems. And this can be done in the most perfect way by a Cardiologist who is highly adept in his profession. He would ensure that the treatment module is well organised and is done through the use of most-advanced technology and at an affordable cost.The best cardiology centre in Delhi is the one that always strives to use the most innovative ways for delivering world-class quality of cardiac treatment and also focus on patients’ safety and maximum comfort.

    Use of the latest tools and techniques for treating the simplest to most complex heart problemsis a trend at our centre.We are always geared up to attend to the cardiac emergencies through the use of the most advanced life support services and an excellent team to handle emergency and critical cases. We ensure that all your heart-related problems are taken care of at our centre without any hassle. The overwhelming outcomes of our cardiological procedures has won us several recognitions and accolades, making us one of the most coveted cardiac centres in Delhi. Our round-the-clock expert services have a true blend of human touch and professionalism!

    Dr. Sanjat Chiwane

    MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Cardiology, Complex intervention training
    Cardiologist, Internal Medicine, 12 Years Experience

    Dr. Sanjat Chiwane is one of the well experienced & famous Cardiologist and Internal Medicine in gurgaon. He has more than 10 years relevant experiences in the field of Cardiology. As per his excellent knowledge & experiences with patients he is working as a Senior Consultant in "Columbia Asia Hospital" in gurgaon. Once patient goes to him for treatment, get more & more satisfaction due to his given treatment & behaviour. He is young, dynamic & well organised doctor in the field of cardiology. He has worked with very reputed Hospitals in different Places.

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    Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Sanjat Chiwane is an excellent Doctor. The way he attended to me I felt more confident about my heart condition. He gave me a lot of time to check my heart condition and explained everything in detail. Thank you Dr. Sanjat Chiwane And God Bless you.

    Surjit Singh
  • The doctor forced the patient (who was a doctor himself) into getting an invasive procedure ( angiography ) inspite of patient repeatedly mentioning that those were his old ecg changes. Instead of medically managing the patient and letting him decide for his own, doctor scared the hell out of him. My dad (patient) came with a little chest discomfort and gastritis. The procedure was done so badly that he ended up on a ventilator and died the next day. Fully aware that the hospital lacks equipment and set up for CABG( Bypass surgery), attempt for angioplasties were done without taking into account the seriousness of the situation. This was just to make money for stents and intra aortic balloon pumps.

  • Attending patients very friendly clear all doubts very politely very helping for poor and needfull patients having no aim for money making

    Vinod Gupta
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